Inquiry Finds More Can Be Done To Explain RTBF

15th October 2015 News 147 Views

Privacy advocates argue that many Europeans do not understand their specific liberties as they relate to the so-called right to be forgotten (RTBF), EUObserver reports. As such, they suggest, Google and data protection authorities (DPAs) need to do a better job of informing their consumers of their rights, including the right to reach out to DPAs and ask for a second opinion if a company such as Google rejects their RTBF requests, the report states. Although Google does mention that appeals to DPAs are an option in “rejection emailsâ€� for RTBF requests, advocates argue more could be done. “I think both DPAs and companies would have a task in raising awareness and informing users,â€� said Dutch Liberal MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld.Full Story

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