Marco Civil da Internet Presidential Draft Decree – Comments and main points

19th February 2016 News 122 Views

On January 27, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice released a draft of the presidential decree which will regulate some aspects of the Marco Civil da Internet. The draft was opened to public consultations until February 29 via an online platform accessible here.
First, it is important to bear in mind that the decree deals only with two aspects of the Marco Civil da Internet, which are net neutrality and proper security procedures regarding data stored by Internet connection and application providers. Regarding data protection, it does not cover aspects such as profiling, big data, right to opposition, data portability, legitimate interests, international transfers, and so on. The decree only covers data security by providing safeguards on how Internet connection and application providers should properly act upon data requests by competent public authorities, and how to implement data security standards and maintain confidentiality of electronic registers, personal data and private communications

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