No, seriously: What happens to ad tech, post-GDPR?

16th May 2018 News 21 Views

Anyone paying attention to the ad tech space, particularly on Twitter, could easily tell you there’s been a growing tension among its players on the future of the industry. 
The central issue seems to center around whether ad tech can continue to operate as it has before the EU shifted its legal landscape on data protection and privacy, or if it will have to shift to a new model in order to be compliant. And while the General Data Protection Regulation is the immediate concern given its loom, there’s even more concern industry-wide with the to-be-finalized ePrivacy Regulation, which is still being negotiated by EU government, but which threatens to place an even heavier emphasis on consent for legal processing of personal data, casting a wider net than the GDPR. 
It essentially comes down to ad tech versus publishers, in short. 
The issue for both sides: There’s been a whole lot of “implied consent” going on for some time now

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